Summer’s here are always busy and packed! As I type we are finishing up with our last two teams for the summer. Since starting in mid-May we have hosted 15 teams in a little over 9 weeks. To break it down further we have hosted 242 people in 66 days! As I said, it’s been busy! This summer went a lot smoother than the last. This year we had more missionaries here to help, fewer trips to the hospitalĀ and open roads to use buses instead of taxis.

One of my favorite things about the summer was the Student Academic Program. In the past teams have always come and put on a VBS for the students in the school. This year we decided to change it up and move to an academic program. Teams this year were responsible for STEM and math project-based learning activities. The best part of this was seeing the high school students come from the States and teach the students and then seeing how creative our students are! It was successful on all ends!

Through the short term teams coming a lot of projects were completed at the school. We are still in the process of finishing the new school building and need to have the entire building ready to go when school starts back in September. Teams helped with plastering, sanding, pouring concrete, painting, building furniture for the student home and many other projects. We are thankful for to have their time and talents further along what the Lord is already doing here.

What’s next for me is……rest! I’ve had about five days off in the last couple months and I am exhausted! After rest, I will start writing a manual for short-term teams on how our program runs here. I have all the knowledge stored in my brain, but not on paper! Then more teams! We have a few more scheduled for later in the year!

How you can pray for me: Good rest! That the Lord would continue to send provision! For my health (I have been feeling pretty well! Praise the Lord!) Also, pray for the students in the school, that they have plenty to eat and are well taken care of while they are on vacation.