For the last couple months, I have been working through a bible study. I’m not always a huge fan of bible study books, but I do like this one. In this study, at the end of every week, it says to write a prayer based on everything that I learned throughout that week. At first, I thought to myself “how am I going to write a prayer like this?” Each week it has come to me and I have begun writing a beautiful prayer to the Lord. I have edited it and changed some of the language. One part of the prayer said, “help me to see your power around me.” Then when I prayed that one day, I thought how foolish that wording is. I don’t need the Lord to help me see His power, I need to open my eyes to it! I changed my prayer this week to that, that my eyes be open to see His power.

We have a ministry vehicle here in the jungle. It’s an old Red Cross ambulance, I believe it’s a Land Cruiser or something like that. It is a beast and does really well on the stone/gravel roads here. I will drive it sometimes into town or when we have mission teams. On Friday night I drove it into town so my friends and I could go to the market and grab some dinner. I went to pick up my friend from her house and as I’m almost to her road I can tell they have done some road work. It’s like they had cleared out right next to the road, I am not sure why. It has rained a lot here all week so the road up to her house was muddy, which usually is no big deal. So, as I make the turn I get stuck, like really stuck. I look at my friend that was already in the car with me and I said, ‘OH NO!!” I call our other friend who lives right there to come help and he wasn’t home and said to call the maintenance guy from the school. I start thinking about how I am going to explain this in Spanish because I don’t know the word for mud or stuck! As I am thinking, a man who is riding his bike down the street stops and starts scolding me in Spanish. I said I wouldn’t have turned if I knew it was this muddy, what do I do! He walks over in the ankle high mud and starts trying to get me out. Another lady stopped too and started helping, she went and got a shovel. They found stones to put underneath the tires and this man stood there and dug out the back tire. After about seven minutes of digging, moving stones, backing up and going forward, I finally got out. I parked the car and thanked him a million times for helping me, even though I am sure he was calling me anĀ idiot (rightfully so!). I went and got my friend and we all had a nice laugh about it and carried on about our night.

The whole time in I was stuck I was calling out to the Lord. “Lord please help, please get us out of this, I’m sorry I’m so dumb, thank you for sending this man.” Anything I could think to say, I was saying it. In my flesh, I would have freaked out and started yelling, but I didn’t. If I was in the States I would have just called my friends who own a tow truck company and they would have come and helped right away. I wouldn’t have had to have thought about what words to use, it would just come out naturally. In this case, I couldn’t do that. As I drove home later that evening and passed the road where I had gotten stuck, I remembered my prayer, “let my eyes be open to see your power.” I rested in that for a minute and then realized how much power He had just let me see, and I was shaken. He sent a man and a woman, that I have never seen before, to come and help me. I didn’t even have time to call the maintenance guy before they showed up. He arranged for help to be there right away.

When I think about this small instance, and even as I am writing now, I am overwhelmed. I can’t handle knowing the full power of God. That’s okay, that isn’t what we are meant to do, that’s why He is who He is. BUT, I am grateful for the small moments of power that He allows me to see. Sending someone to dig me out of a muddy hole.

“But as for me, I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress.” Psalm 59:16

Open your eyes so you can see His power around you.