Goodness what a summer it was! I know technically there are a few more weeks of summer left, but for me it is over, and let me tell you it was busy! Over 10 weeks we hosted 14 teams totaling 240 people. It was a packed summer with no time to rest or slow down. Thankfully, everything went as smooth as it could have gone. We only made 2 trips to the hospital, and only had to push the canoes a few times because of the river being so low! We are truly blessed by the relationships we have with short term teams that come. They come to work, love on the kids and community, and the missionaries as well. Short term teams helped us to accomplish so much physical work that we couldn’t do on our own. They step right in next to the construction crew we already have and work along side to complete tasks.

I was blessed to have two interns this summer. It was our first time, as an organization, to take on interns. I absolutely could not have made it through the summer without them! They are pictured above in the gallery. Thanks Jordan and Sarah for all your hard work and for keeping me sane!

We had several obstacles that stood in our way this summer. A bridge being closed and our buses not allowed to pass, extreme heat, no rain, power outages..etc. The devil tried to do everything he could to stop us from completing what the Lord had set out before us. It was amazing to see God’s power overcome and to have a fruitful summer.

What’s next for me:

I have two roles with Jungle Kids for Christ. One is short term team coordinator and the other is student sponsorship coordinator. Over the next few weeks I will be changing the way we communicate with our sponsors in the States.  Parent’s will take a larger part in the communication process. I am excited about what this will look like! Short term teams never stop, August is the only month I don’t have a team. With the help of my team I would like to re-think the way we do VBS with teams and the students in the school. I believe we can be more effective and intentional than we are now. You can pray for these things listed above, they will take thoughtful work and guidance.

Our team is growing! We had two ladies join us in the jungle a couple weeks ago. One lady is an English teacher and the other is working in the boarding home. We had two families move to Quito this month, they are living there and learning Spanish.

How you can pray for me:

Pray that the Lord will guide me making changes in both my roles here.  Pray for my Spanish, I am going to start taking some classes again. My Spanish suffered greatly while in the States. Pray for my health. Pray for wellness, I have been struggling with a few personal things. Pray for our growing team.

I am always amazed at what the Lord is doing here. Everyday He reminds me of why I am here, because sometimes I forget. I am grateful that the Lord lets me do what I am doing, and that He has entrusted me (crazy I know) to carry out His work in this area. If you are supporting me financially, thank you for being obedient to the Lord, and I thank the Lord for you and His provision daily.