About 4 weeks ago I went one evening to share my story with a team that was here. While a team is here, it is common for the missionaries to go and share. We try and be as open as possible, and share not only the beauty we see but our struggles as well. Sometimes when I share I don’t always share my full testimony, it’s long and it is a lot for people to hear. This particular evening the Lord moved me to share my full testimony. From the sexual and physical abuse as a child, to living far away from God in my early twenties, having an abortion, giving my life to the Lord, being called to Ecuador and then my health issues over the last year. Afterwards a few people came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for sharing. I thought that was the end of it.

The next day I was given a letter by one of the young ladies on the team. I actually forgot to read it until the next morning. When I read it….I was shocked. In the letter she wrote to me of her struggles of being abused. She was abused as a girl and didn’t tell her family right away. She shared that a few years ago she had been raped by a boyfriend but she told her parents that it was consensual and to that day that’s what they believed. She wrote that she was in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship right now.

After I finished reading it I was blown away. I was thankful that she had finally told someone the truth about what she was going through and I knew I had to talk with her. I pulled her aside a little later that morning. We went and sat by ourselves and she starting sobbing immediately. I shared with her a few more things about my testimony and how looking back now I am so grateful the Lord pulled me out. I told her how much the Father loves her and wants her and wants her to be free of the prison the devil is keeping her in. We (I) talked for several minutes and encouraged her. The other part to this story is that her dad was on the trip too. I told her she needed to tell her dad the truth about everything. She was worried and didn’t want to because she didn’t want to see disappointment in his face another time. I told her I could stay with her and that he could read the letter she wrote to me. I prayed before I went and got him, over her and him and for the news he was about to hear. I also prayed that heaven would come in that moment and that bondage would be broken.

Her dad came in and I told him she wrote me a letter and that he needed to read it. She sobbed the whole time he was reading. When he got done he looked at me and said, this is the most she has ever shared. I told him she was worried about him being disappointed in her. He took her by the hands and said you’re forgiven, I’ve never been more proud of you then I am at this moment. He kissed her and hugged her tight. He said he was sad that she had been keeping this secret for so long. Everything her and I prayed for came to fruition in that moment, heaven came and it was a beautiful moment.

I am amazed every single time the Lord moves. It’s never “oh here goes the Lord again”, it’s “WOW God!” This was a WOW moment. I am grateful that the Lord let me be apart of it. Actually, I am grateful for the life the Lord has given to me. I don’t think I would change one thing that happened to me because I wouldn’t be able to share the Gospel like I do now.

I have permission to share this powerful testimony. I have changed the name for privacy. Please pray for this sweet young lady, her road to freedom isn’t over, but she’s not alone. Please share this story as you feel the Lord leading you to. Who knows what the Lord will do next.