I have been back home for 3 weeks now! I am pretty much settled into my house and have it mostly decorated. I still need a few things, like a dresser and some night stands. I am currently using plastic storage containers as my dresser and night stands! It is amazing to be back home! I was glad that everyone remembered who I am, most of all the students. I had been worried about if they would remember me, they were happy to see me and I was, of course, thrilled to see them!

After a week and a half of getting settled I welcomed my first team, I hit the ground running! This team was a mixture of colleges, some from John Brown University, Wheaton College, OBU and OU! I was excited to hear that there were some people from Oklahoma here. The team did a great job and all went well. In the pictures you can see them in a VBS with the students from 1st and 2nd grade and then doing some work around the school property.

The next several weeks will be busy for me as team season really starts to gear up. I am excited to see returning teams and excited to welcome new teams and share all that the Lord is doing here in the jungle.

The Lord is already showing me little glimpses of treasures He has for me here. There are a few people and some students that the Lord has already softened my heart towards and I can’t wait to see what it will turn out to be.

Prayer requests:

My health of course! I am not going to jinx myself and say anything else, but my health!

My Spanish!!!! I am doing my best to remember the Spanish I already learned. I need to have the confidence to speak even when I know it is not right.

Teams! For safety when we travel, while they are here in country, and that the Lord uses them and shows them what He has for them here.

Thanks for reading and for your love, support and prayers! I am praying for you!