I’ll just say that the … between waiting and patiently explains how I am feeling. A little in the air and a little unsure and just trying to be patient. A couple weeks ago I went to Houston to get my visa. I went to my appointment and left with no visa! My paperwork wasn’t correct and I needed other documents that were in Ecuador. My organization was super great about getting me what I needed. There was even a team in the jungle and they had someone coming back to the States. They took the paperwork for me and mailed it last week. It was to be sent to me in the mail over night last Tuesday…but I still haven’t received it. I am trying to find out where it is, no luck as of yet.

I received a sweet gift from some of my friends not too long ago. It was a super fancy cuff that said, “Faith in God includes faith in His timing.” I immediately started to cry when I read it. This has been my whole life for this last year. Reading the writing was the Lord saying you have been faithful, but you need to trust my timing too. I have been waiting for so long now to go back to Ecuador. I feel like is it really going to happen? I know that it will and I want to say, but this or but that. I can’t do that, I have to be faithful and wait patiently for Him to build that bridge.

I would greatly appreciate that you would be in prayer that my paperwork comes quickly. Once I have it I will mail it to the consulate in Houston and then if it is all correct they will mail me my visa, please pray for this process too!

Thanks for reading and loving me!