Wow, well it has been 6 months for me here in Ecuador! Time flies when you are having fun! I honestly can’t believe it has passed so quickly. God has been so good and faithful to me in this time and I have great peace knowing that He will continue. So for the last month and a half I have been super busy. I have been traveling back and forth with short term teams, picking them up from the airport taking them to the jungle, then taking them back to the airport. We (we as in, Jungle Kids for Christ) had 7 teams that came for a visit over June and July. I have to say I was a little nervous at the beginning of “team season,” one because my Spanish isn’t the best, and that is a lot of people to keep track of and get them safely to the jungle! But they all made it, not with out a few bumps in the road….literally. There are two ways you can travel from Quito to the jungle and one of the ways was closed all but one weekend. It was closed because they had so much rain it caused tons of landslides/mudslides, whatever you want to call them. The difference in driving time is about 5 hours or so, even the longer way was closed a couple of times due to landslides! I totaled up the time I spent traveling with the teams and it was a bunch……. I spent 12 hours in the airport, 14 hours in a taxi and 77 hours give or take in the bus! And with about 93 people in total from 6 teams! I bet your wondering if it was exhausting, and yes it was a little bit. But the drive is so beautiful and getting to talk with people from the teams is great too. Working with teams is a great job to have, and I loved being able to see the love and passion they have for the jungle and for Ecuador.

The next month and a halfish I will continue living in Quito, working with Dunamis, and working on my Spanish. Toward the end of August I will move to Misahualli, and move into a house on the school property. I am so excited and a little nervous to be moving. In Quito everything is at a fingertips length and in the jungle everything is further away. So please pray for me as I make this transition. My job once I move, will be coordinating the short term teams and the child sponsor program for the school. I think both these jobs will be a great fit for me!

I ask that you would pray for my supporters as they have been so persistent in praying for me and along with their monthly support. Please pray for both ministries I am working with Dunamis and Jungle Kids for Christ. Please pray for my family, as they have had some difficulties in the last couple months.

Thanks for reading!! Love y’all and praying for you!