Well first of all I missed 2 months of blogging. I hate when I miss and feel like I’m not keeping everyone up to date! Anyways things have been busy and changing and I even made a visit back to the states! After my last post in March, I was able to go to the jungle with my friends who had come on a short term trip (same trip I came on last year). I had a great time with them, and had a sense of pride being able to show them my new home. But when they left it was REALLY hard. I didn’t realize how hard it would be on me, and then I had a sense of loneliness for the next few weeks. In hindsight I know that this was a time that was supposed to be for me and God only, lots of time talking with Him. Thankfully He held my hand tight through this.

After getting over this hurtle, I continued on with my “normal life.” I put that in quotes because my life here seems normal too me now, but when I think about my life its far from normal……I’m a missionary in Ecuador! My days are still working with the girls in the foundation and taking Spanish classes.  I have found the best way of practicing Spanish is in the taxi, with the taxi driver. Quito traffic is horrible sometimes, but the good thing about that is talking with the driver…..I think I got asked out on a date the other day!

I was able to visit the states most of May. During my time there I shared with my church, small groups, youth group, family and friends about what has been going on since I moved to Ecuador. The support from all of these people is overwhelmingly amazing, they were all excited to see me and hear about what God is doing. My sister also graduated from college while I was there! Being in Oklahoma did make me miss Ecuador, and when it was time to go back I was ready to go home. Not that I was tired of the states, I just missed my life here and I do feel like Ecuador is my home, and I am super thankful for that.

Over June and the beginning of July, I will be working with short term teams that are coming from the states. These teams are coming with Jungle Kids for Christ (my main organization). I will be picking them up from the airport and going down to the jungle with them, and then coming back to Quito and waiting for the next group to arrive to do the same! This will be a lot of traveling! But I am excited for this and to work with the teams, I always like to share how God sent me on a short term trip and now here I am.

I ask that you would pray for both organizations I work with, Dunamis and Jungle Kids for Christ. I ask that you would pray for my health, as I write this I am not feeling the best, for God’s provision over me, and for all the traveling that will be coming up for me.

Thanks for reading and for all your love and support!!